Wine Review: Albero Rose

 I love Spanish wine. There’s a sublime combination of skilled winemakers and little domestic demand, leading to gloriously low prices for the quality. It’s why I’ve got an admitted bias in the wine section. Given two equally good looking bottles, I’ll go with the Spanish one over almost any other country– the odds are in my favor.

The nose could almost be described of that as summer– that vivid, live scent that floats in the air while you’re sunning yourself in a slightly overgrown backyard. The nose has the sort of sweetness that comes from that balance of clover, wildflowers, and warmth that a well-maintained yard gone slightly feral has. Given the sweet nose, I was surprised to find it more tannic– and a little bit heavier– than the typical rose. It seemed almost unbalanced on its own, but it’s a good complement for clear, almost too-sweet flavors. I had mine with turkish delight on a hot summer’s night.

For $6.99 a bottle, I approve. I’m already starting to think about a glass with dessert next time I have company. It would pair well with a fruit tart, steamed fruit, or maybe some poached pears.

Looking for other wines? Try the list here. I also recommend learning a bit about cava, Spain’s answer to Champagne.

If you need something to pair this with, steamed or poached fruit is delicious and light on the wallet.  The recipes also work with less than perfect ingredients.  Hard fruit is no problem.  My favorite this time of year peaches. The steamed peach recipe here  is pretty close to perfection, but perfection requires palm sugar instead of Agave syrup. Check your local Asian grocery store for palm sugar. Hell, if you’re on a budget, check your local Asian grocery store in general.


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